Sheep’s Wool Insulation

CREDIT: TELEGRAPH www.telegraph.co.uk Why you might see red when going green… Sheep wool insulation certainly has some attractive benefits: at first thought it appears to be a sustainable option it’s a natural product allergy friendly (less likely to cause breathing difficulties or skin irritations) But, what is not widely known is that it requires extensive … Read more

5 Ways Solar can Harm Your Roof

5 Questions to Ask to Avoid Damage to your Roof from Solar Panels and Solar Strips Thinking of getting solar electricity or solar pool strip heating on your roof? Here’s five questions to ask at the quoting stage that may save you money down the track. 1. What condition is my roof in? It might seem … Read more

Commercial Roof Repairs – Common Causes of Leaks

Commercial Roof Repairs Commercial buildings leak for a variety of reasons. Roofrite has established over many years of commercial roof repairs that there is a range of “typical” causes of water ingress. Common Causes of Leaks Penetrations Perhaps the most common cause of commercial roof repairs is water ingress through penetrations. Roof penetrations can take the … Read more

Leaking Box Gutters – Repairs & Replacements

Leaking box gutters are one of the most common causes of roof leaks we address. This applies in particular to commercial properties, and less often to residential properties. Why Box Gutters Leak Box gutters leak for a variety of reasons. We’ve addressed some of the more common below. Leaking box gutters caused by not enough fall Often, box gutters leak because of … Read more

Women In Plumbing

Women In Plumbing: Shaping Our Industry. We are thrilled to have one of our own, Paula Withington, interviewed in this month’s Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine. The feature this month is ‘Women In Plumbing: Shaping Our Industry’. In addition to a great article, Paula is also gracing the cover. Have a read for some great insight … Read more