Polycarbonate Options for Pergolas

There are many options available if you are thinking about covering or replacing your pergola with polycarbonate. Gone are the days when only one choice existed – the heavy fibreglass option that went milky over time. Today the choices available are aimed at different budgets and offer a variety of finishes with varying degrees of … Read more

Hail Damaged Polycarbonate & Skylight Repairs

Repairing hail damage to polycarbonate & skylights Hail damage to polycarbonate roofs and skylights is becoming an increasingly common problem for Australian homeowners and landlords. Roofrite can assist with the replacement of hail damaged polycarbonate roofs and skylights or domes. Simply call our helpful administrative staff to discuss your particular hail damaged roofing problem. Depending … Read more

Ampelite’s Polycarbonate Range Explained

Ampelite’s Polycarbonate Range – great for outdoor roofing Ampelite’s polycarbonate range is one of many great options (laserlite, multiwall) for covering an outdoor area. Here’s why. Ampelite’s Polycarbonate Range – cuts 99.9% of UV rays Ampelite polycarbonate range cuts 99.9% of harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin damage. Note however that Polycarbonate sheeting has … Read more