Hail Damaged Polycarbonate & Skylight Repairs

Repairing hail damage to polycarbonate & skylights Hail damage to polycarbonate roofs and skylights is becoming an increasingly common problem for Australian homeowners and landlords. Roofrite can assist with the replacement of hail damaged polycarbonate roofs and skylights or domes. Simply call our helpful administrative staff to discuss your particular hail damaged roofing problem. Depending … Read more

Leafguard – Roofrite shares its product knowledge with you

Leafguard – A life without leaves… Thinking of installing leafguard?  Not sure whether to bother at all or are you just putting off doing it because deciding which one to go with is a bit overwhelming? Certainly there are a myriad of products available – off the shelf and from the internet. First of all, let … Read more

Colorbond Chimney Capping Melbourne

Colorbond Chimney Capping Stops Water Ingress & Bees Colorbond Chimney Capping – A Horror Story Ever heard a buzzing sound in your unused chimney only to investigate and discover the makings of a beehive beginning in there? Or worse, had the bees make their way from the chimney to take up residence in your loungeroom … Read more

Gutter Cleaning Prevents Roof Leaks in Melbourne

Did you get caught out in Melbourne’s recent storms with built up leaf matter and debris in your guttering causing water to backflow into your house? Gutter cleaning on an annual or bi-annual basis would, of course, have prevented this occurring. Gutter cleaning does have other benefits.  For example, regular gutter cleaning will prevent leaf matter … Read more

Condensation is Often Mistaken for Metal Roof Leaks | Roofrite Melbourne

Condensation is Often Mistaken for Metal Roof Leaks… Condensation Roofrite is occasionally called out to investigate metal roof leaks that turn out to be “phantom” roof leaks. The occupiers of the property are experiencing staining or mould growing on the ceiling. A sure sign of a metal roof leak right?  Wrong! Investigation sometimes reveals the … Read more

Metal Roof Leaks Are Caused By What? Roof Penetrations

Metal Roof Leaks Have Many Sources.  A roof penetration is often one of them. Our short video shows how a poorly installed air conditioning unit has led to metal roof leaks on this commercial roof.   The Problem Roofrite had installed a couple of years ago hopper flashings to repair reported metal roof leaks on the … Read more

Detecting Metal Roof Leaks

The Problem Detecting metal roof leaks can sometimes be a process of elimination.  However, for a professional roof plumber, used to sourcing a variety of metal roof leaks, there are some obvious places to start looking. In this particular instance, the client reported water pooling on her balcony. The client is located on the second floor … Read more