Velux Skylights Service Calls

What Velux Model Do I Have? Should you want to arrange a service call or order additional or replacement products for your Velux Skylight, you will need to know your Velux Skylight model, date of manufacture, size and glass type. NOTE: for service calls please visit the Velux Skylights website.  If the Velux Skylight or … Read more

Women In Plumbing

Women In Plumbing: Shaping Our Industry. We are thrilled to have one of our own, Paula Withington, interviewed in this month’s Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine. The feature this month is ‘Women In Plumbing: Shaping Our Industry’. In addition to a great article, Paula is also gracing the cover. Have a read for some great insight … Read more

This Melbourne Velux Skylights installer shares its No 1 installation tip…

Master Roof Plumbers, Roofrite, shares its secret So. You’ve chosen the best looking skylight on the market for your metal roof.  But did you get the best installation tip with that? Did your installer suggest a custom made flashing?  Probably not unless the installer is a licensed roof plumber with an eye for detail. One … Read more

Acrylic Skylight Dome Replacement | Velux Skylights Melbourne

Is an acrylic skylight dome replacement possible with a Velux glass skylight? Roofrite is often asked if an acrylic skylight dome replacement is possible with a Velux glass skylight. The simple answer is yes. Why would you want to? An acrylic or polycarbonate skylight dome will fade or discolour over time. In addition, acrylic and … Read more

Velux Skylights Melbourne – Garage Roof Ideas

What can you do with Velux Skylights? What about giving the garage a makeover? Velux Skylights? Wow! I came across this amazing image of a modern garage at www.sfixit.com.  It has incorporated a bank of skylights into the roof to give it total wow factor.   A bank of skylights has given this garage the wow … Read more