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Box Gutter holding water Mitcham

Box Gutter Issues

Intense Spring rains often bring to a head long-standing problems with box gutters.
Box gutters are the ideal place for leaves and debris to get caught and trapped. The result is the debris blocks the sump and causes water to then dam in the box gutter until it eventually overflows, usually down the wall or back under the roof line.

Under the roof line water will travel along timber supports until it finds the lowest point and either pours down a wall or becomes a steady drip from the ceiling somewhere. The tenant of the property might suddenly notice water pouring through the light fitting or perhaps just staining appearing on the ceiling.

The common scenario outlined above could be avoided with some simple late Autumn maintenance, best done when leaves have finished falling. But leaves aren’t the only culprits of box gutter damming.

You’d be surprised at the things that make their way into box gutters: soft drink bottles, balls, bed sheets, clothing, bird nests, household rubbish.

Even silt can be problematic. When silt builds up in the box gutter, it remains damp for long periods of time. Long-term, damp silt will be a catalyst for the formation of rust in the box gutter.

So it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep your box gutters free of debris of any kind. Box gutters are the heavy lifters of the rainwater drainage system.

Roofrite offer a number of solutions if you have a leaking box gutter.

Box gutter repair options include the following:-

. Application of a liquid rubber membrane
. Application of a metal patch to small rusted areas
. Replacement of a section rather than the whole box gutter (where possible)

Of course, Roofrite offers a box gutter replacement service too.

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