Leaking Box Gutters – Repairs & Replacements

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Leaking box gutters are one of the most common causes of roof leaks we address. This applies in particular to commercial properties, and less often to residential properties.

Why Box Gutters Leak

Box gutters leak for a variety of reasons. We've addressed some of the more common below.

Leaking Box Gutters |Box gutter holding water | Melbourne | Roofrite

Leaking box gutters caused by not enough fall

Often, box gutters leak because of poor installation from the outset. Usually this is with not enough fall. This causes water pooling. Water pooling will lead to rusting away of the bottom of the gutter until holes form. This image shown here is a good example of water pooling.

Leaking box gutters that are too shallow

Another issue we see are box gutters that are too shallow. Australian Plumbing Standards call for a box gutter to have a depth no less than 70mm. Box gutters installed with a depth less than this usually result in water back flowing. Water enters a building under the roof sheets where it will then run down the adjacent wall.

Leaking Box Gutters | box gutter repairs - too shallow | Melbourne | Roofrite
Leaking box gutters | Box Gutter Repairs | Melbourne | Roofrite

Leaking box gutters that need cleaning

As with eaves gutters, box gutters also need regular cleaning. We often find in commercial areas that rubbish builds up on the roof. This then gets washed down into the box guttering. Over time it gets wedged in the sump. The debris builds up around it, causing damming of the box gutter. A good clean is sometimes all it takes to prevent leaking box gutters.

One of our more unusual commercial leaking box gutter repairs was at a property in Frankston. The box gutters were so full of mud and debris that grass had taken such a hold we thought we may need to mow it first. This attracted the attention of the local seagulls. There was so much debris they used for the base of their nest. Spot the eggs in the pic!

Leaking box gutters repaired with sealant

A leaking box gutter that has only minor rust can often have its life extended by coating it with a sealant. We are having some great results with a liquid rubber compound.

Leaking Box Gutters | Box gutters sealed | Melbourne | Roofrite

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