Can You Replace Half a Metal Roof?

Replacing Half a Metal Roof | Melbourne | Roofrite

Yes, You Can Replace Half a Metal Roof!

Yes. You can. Sometimes the budget just won’t run to a full colorbond roof replacement. So what do you do in that situation? You can replace half the roof or a section of the roof while you save up to do the rest.

Roofrite were asked to quote on a full roof replacement for a client in Middle Park. The full roof replacement was out of the client’s budget but she did want to address the leaking issues she was having and also get insulation into the roof as it was already autumn and the forecast was for a very cold winter.

Working Within a Budget

We revisited the quote and determined that most of the leaking issues were emanating from the box gutter that rain water from three roofs ran off and into. The most economical way forward for the client then was to remove the inner three sides of the roof and replace the box gutter. The removal of the roof would provide a easy access to get inside the roof cavity and lay insulation in the entire roof area.

One of the things you can never know for sure on an old period home until the roof sheets are removed is the condition of the underlying roof structure. In the case this old dame, there was a lot of rotted timber. The worst area was where the box gutter had been leaking over a long period. Unfortunately, the timber required replacing but once done provided an excellent and sturdy base for the new box guttering.

Replacing Timber Battens

Many of the roof’s timber battens also required replacing. Fortunately roofers generally acquire a range of carpentry skills that enable them to install battens and gutter boards - the support system for roofs and gutters. They were certainly needed on this project.

This particular project also had an acrylic skylight dome and opted to replace it with a new Velux skylight to bring light into the rear of the property.

The team did a great job and the new roof now shows up the remaining roof. We look forward to going back in a year or two when the client has saved up to replace the rest of it. In the meantime it is now watertight, warmer inside and she now has lots more light inside thanks to the new skylight.

Ask us how you can make your budget fit with a staged roofing replacement. We’re happy to find a solution where we replace maybe half the roof now and half the roof later.

Call Roofrite to discuss how you can replace half a metal roof at a time.