17 Questions For A Metal Reroofing Quote in Melbourne

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Are you looking at a metal roof replacement? These 17 questions will help you get the most out of the experience. We want you to not only have a new roof, but for the process be as smooth as possible.

Project Specific Questions to ask if you’re getting a metal roof replacement quote

If budget is an issue, can we stage any of the works?
It is always worth asking if the works being quoted could be done in stages if you’re on a tight budget. It may be possible to do the upper roof now and the lower roof later or some repairs now and replacement later.

Why should I replace vs repair the roof?
You need to question whether it is more cost effective to replace the roof than repair it. If the roof has rust breaking through all over, then it is much more cost effective to replace it as repairs will be a short-term solution and may not be guaranteed.

Do I need new battens?
Usually we don’t need new battens but occasionally when we pull up the roof, it may be that some of the battens have deteriorated and may need replacing. If we are doing a tile to metal roof replacement, then we will need to include in our quote new battens as tiles and metal require differently spaced battens.

It’s a good time to think about what insulation you have in the roof and what you’d ideally like in the roof. Ask your roof plumber what your options are.

What gauge metal will you be using and what is the standard for my application?
For most residential applications, .42 gauge is all that is required but if it’s a commercial property or you are expecting to have lots of trades walking over the roof, you might want to consider having .48 gauge so it doesn’t dent.

What might cause a variation to the quoted price?
This is a curly one to answer as every situation is different but typically the things we’ve come across over time are
. a second roof under an existing roof
. rotten timbers not visible until the roof is removed

Will you use all new or are you planning to reinstall any of the existing material?
While there’s nothing wrong with recycling material if it is in good condition, you should be advised of this upfront.

How will you handle any penetrations?
Penetrations through metal roofs (for example for fans or flues) are always susceptible to leaks if not done well. You should ask how your metal roof plumber is planning to deal with penetrations. Ideally this is by way of what is called a Dektite – an adjustable rubber seal that prevents water from entering the roof cavity.

Will you replace the chimney flashings?
Chimney flashings are another area where operators try to cut costs and provide a cheaper quote by not replacing them. Unfortunately, they’re often a source of water ingress. Be sure to ask your metal roof plumber what they intend to do.

Should I consider ventilation while replacing the roof?
Most roofs have enough ventilation via the little gaps that form between the corrugations. However, as our summers keep getting warmer, it is possible to install a roof ventilator to help remove hot air from the roof cavity.

What safety precautions will be put in place for my project?
This is the area that is most often compromised to keep “costs” down and provide “competitive” quotes. Roofing is a high-risk activity and as such, the safety of the installers should never be compromised. Imagine if someone died on your property due to inadequate or no fall protection?

Metal Roof Replacement Sub-Contractor specific questions

How long have you been in business?
A good question to ask. You will always want to be as sure as you can be that the company you’re dealing with will be around should any queries arise further down the track.

Does your organisation subcontract the work or is it carried out by payroll employees?
Roofrite only engages full-time employees. The benefit of this is that we schedule our projects knowing the availability of our staff (other than the odd unavoidable sick day) and more importantly, can provide a reliable completion date as well.

What licences and insurances do you hold?
Ensure you deal only with a licenced plumber. Licenced plumbers must provide evidence to the VBA that they hold the relevant insurance before the VBA may issue or renew a plumbing licence. Also check how much public liability insurance your roof plumber holds. A minimum of $10 Million should be held to ensure adequate cover.

Do I get a Compliance Certificate on completion?
Compliance Certificates must be issued by licensed plumbers for specific plumbing work, including roof plumbing, carried out in Victoria. A compliance certificate signed by a licensed plumber is a certification that their work complies with prescribed plumbing standards. Read more about Compliance Certificates here.

Do I get progress and completion photos of the newly installed metal roofing?
Because most people don’t get on a roof, it’s a good idea to have the metal roofing installer provide you with photos so you can see how your project looks on completion. You want to be sure the cuts and screws are nice and straight, there’s no big globs of silicone everywhere and, all the quoted tasks have been completed.

What do you do if my new roof leaks?
If by chance your new metal roof leaks following installation, you want to be sure the installer will return and rectify any issues. Roofrite will always return and investigate the cause and of course rectify anything that is the result of our workmanship. This is an important aspect of any roof plumber’s Code of Ethics. Roofrite is interested in building and maintaining a reputation for excellence. A small operator may not have the resources or desire to return after the roof has been completed and paid for. They may also have gone out of business and are no longer to be contacted.

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