Replacing Box Gutters – Beware What Lies Beneath

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Box Gutter Replacement

A box gutter replacement can test the technical skills of any roofer and on many levels.
It can start from the outset at quoting stage because you never really know what lies underneath the existing box gutter. Many a roofer could attest to the time they were surprised to find a second or even a third layer of box guttering under the top one. Presumably done to keep costs down for the client but never really a satisfactory outcome.

There are some alternative options to replacing a box gutter with a new one. Liquid rubber buys a bit of time and there is another product on the market that is a rubber liner for box gutters although I have to confess, Roofrite has not trialled the latter product at all.

Sometimes the only way to remove the box gutter though is to remove the roof itself to gain access. And again, sometimes what lies under the roof can take you by surprise.

Have a look at the photos in this project from 2020 and you’ll see what I mean. Under the leaking roof lay another roof, shingles no less.

The team certainly had to work hard to bring this leaking roof and box gutter back to regulations. This is one of those jobs that we were glad to get finished but once again, gives us a lot of satisfaction seeing the change from ugly duckling to a watertight and tidy roof.

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