Chimnet Capping form terracotta Chimney | Hawthorn East | Roofrite

Is This The Cutest Little Chimney Capping In Melbourne?

Colorbond Chimney Cap Cover Capping your chimney with Colorbond or Zincalume is a great idea to prevent rain, dust, flies, birds, bees and all manor of things getting inside the house. We think this is the cutest chimney pot we’ve ever been asked to cover.

Poorly installed apron flashing | Before | Albert Park | Roofrite

Poor Workmanship Costs You Money

Poorly Installed and Leaking Flashing Nothing annoys us more than to see poor workmanship such as this apron flashing. For reasons unbeknown to us, some roof plumbers think that if you can’t see the silicone, it ain’t sealed. Not only was this flashing an ugly leaking mess, it did not meet plumbing regulations and had … Read more

Velux Skylights | Installation Done | Melbourne | Roofrite

Velux Skylights for Renovations

Renovating with Velux Skylights While our team is well qualified to install skylights in a retrofit capacity, it can’t be argued that the easiest time to install is when the build is underway. We can readily work in with you or your carpenter to install one or twenty skylights into the roof. At this renovation … Read more

Metal roof removed for access to the box gutters. Now for the shingles | Roof Replacement | Before | Coburg | Melbourne | Roofrite

Replacing Box Gutters – Beware What Lies Beneath

Box Gutter Replacement A box gutter replacement can test the technical skills of any roofer and on many levels. It can start from the outset at quoting stage because you never really know what lies underneath the existing box gutter. Many a roofer could attest to the time they were surprised to find a second … Read more

Replacing Half a Metal Roof | Melbourne | Roofrite

Can You Replace Half a Metal Roof?

Yes, You Can Replace Half a Metal Roof! Yes. You can. Sometimes the budget just won’t run to a full colorbond roof replacement. So what do you do in that situation? You can replace half the roof or a section of the roof while you save up to do the rest. Roofrite were asked to … Read more

Hail Damaged Polycarbonate Roof | Doncaster | Roofrite

Hail Damaged Polycarbonate Roofing and Skylights

Hail Damaget o Hundreds of Polycarbonate Roofs and Skylights Once again, Melbourne and its suburbs such as Doncaster, Warrandyte, Surrey Hills, Glen Iris were hit hard with massive hail stones in January and February 2020 causing untold hail damage to hundreds of polycarbonate roof and skylights. Five months later Roofrite is still receiving calls to … Read more

Polycarbonate Options for Pergolas

There are many options available if you are thinking about covering or replacing your pergola with polycarbonate. Gone are the days when only one choice existed – the heavy fibreglass option that went milky over time. Today the choices available are aimed at different budgets and offer a variety of finishes with varying degrees of … Read more

Zincalume box gutter install - Clayton South

Box Gutter Installers and the problem of complying with Plumbing Regulations

Box Gutter Design Compliance Box gutters are an essential part of the roof drainage system. They are simply described on the VBA’s Box Gutter Design Fact Sheet as “a graded channel, generally of a rectangular shape, for the conveyance of rainwater within the building footprint, including adjacent to a wall or parapet”. It is at … Read more

Knotwood | Alumium Cladding Melbourne | Roofrite

Not wood Cladding – Knotwood

Timber Look Cladding That’s Not Wood! The hottest architectural trend for buildings apart from the use of mixed media finishes is the use of timber as a stand out design pop. The use of natural timber has its place. In a beach setting it can sit beautifully in its surrounding environment as the colour fades … Read more