Box Gutter Repairs – Melbourne

Box Gutter Issues Intense Spring rains often bring to a head long-standing problems with box gutters. Box gutters are the ideal place for leaves and debris to get caught and trapped. The result is the debris blocks the sump and causes water to then dam in the box gutter until it eventually overflows, usually down […]

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Gutterguard - Blue Mountain Mesh

Gutterguard Guide

GUTTERGUARD GUIDE Every Autumn we’re presented with a beautiful palette of reds, oranges and yellows as leaves begin to change colour on the trees. But, once the leaves begin to fall, all thoughts of beauty quickly turn to irritation if your dwelling is under those same trees. All you can think about is how your […]

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Hail Damaged Polycarbonate | Melbourne | Roofrite

Hail Damaged Polycarbonate & Skylight Repairs

Repairing hail damage to polycarbonate & skylights Hail damage to polycarbonate roofs and skylights is becoming an increasingly common problem for Australian homeowners and landlords. Roofrite can assist with the replacement of hail damaged polycarbonate roofs and skylights or domes. Simply call our helpful administrative staff to discuss your particular hail damaged roofing problem. Depending […]

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Sheep Wool Insulation | Green, or will they have you seeing red ? | Roofrite

Sheep’s Wool Insulation

CREDIT: TELEGRAPH Why you might see red when going green… Sheep wool insulation certainly has some attractive benefits: at first thought it appears to be a sustainable option it’s a natural product allergy friendly (less likely to cause breathing difficulties or skin irritations) But, what is not widely known is that it requires extensive […]

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5 Ways Solar can Harm Your Roof

5 Questions to Ask to Avoid Damage to your Roof from Solar Panels and Solar Strips Thinking of getting solar electricity or solar pool strip heating on your roof? Here’s five questions to ask at the quoting stage that may save you money down the track. 1. What condition is my roof in? It might seem […]

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Velux Blinds Melbourne | Roofrite

Velux Blind Options – What You Need To Know

Are Velux Blinds available for my Velux Skylight or Roof Window? Velux blinds are available for most but not all Velux Skylight models. Note also that Velux Blinds come in either a Blockout or Honeycomb finish with operating options being manual or solar powered. These options are limited for some Velux Skylight models or not […]

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Velux Product ID Data Plate

Velux Skylights Service Calls

What Velux Model Do I Have? Should you want to arrange a service call or order additional or replacement products for your Velux Skylight, you will need to know your Velux Skylight model, date of manufacture, size and glass type. NOTE: for service calls please visit the Velux Skylights website.  If the Velux Skylight or […]

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sealed flashings and capping (image)

Commercial Roof Repairs – Common Causes of Leaks

Commercial Roof Repairs Commercial buildings leak for a variety of reasons. Roofrite has established over many years of commercial roof repairs that there is a range of “typical” causes of water ingress. Common Causes of Leaks Penetrations Perhaps the most common cause of commercial roof repairs is water ingress through penetrations. Roof penetrations can take the […]

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