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Velux Skylights Installed – Timber Shafts and Timber Ceilings

Skylights in Timber Ceilings with Timber Shafts While the majority of our Velux Skylight installations require a plaster shaft and have a plaster ceiling, we do regularly install skylights into timber lined ceilings. This of course requires a timber lined shaft to aesthetically complement the skylight. Scroll through a few examples of Velux Skylight Installation … Read more

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Velux Skylights Over Staircases

Skylights Over Stairwells Maybe you want to bring light in to the stairwell? Maybe you want to bring some ventilation in to the stairwell? Maybe you would like light and ventilation both in the stairwell? Almost anything is possible with Velux skylights. These beautiful off-the-shelf skylights offer great value as they come standard with double … Read more

Should I Insulate My Velux Skylight Shaft

Is It Necessary To Insulate A Skylight Shaft? If you already have insulation in the roof, it makes good sense to not “break” the insulation when you are having a Velux skylight installed. Insulating the shaft is optional but we do recommend you consider it at installation stage. As can be seen in the image … Read more

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What Do Those Holes On a Rainhead Do?

Are Those Rainhead Holes Important? The holes you see on a rainhead are there to allow any excess rainwater (in a heavy downpour or if a downpipe becomes blocked) to overflow out of the front of the rainhead rather than backflow into the building. The holes themselves can be any shape or combination of sizes … Read more

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Velux Skylights – When Aesthetics Are Everything

When Great Looking Skylights Matter! The mark of a great Velux skylight installation is when everything is aesthetically perfect on completion. This pic of a recently completed project in Newport says it all… If you want a perfect Velux skylight install including the shaft and plaster, give Roofrite a call. Give Roofrite a call today … Read more

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How Much Light Will I Get If I Have A Velux Skylight Installed?

How Much Light Will I Get With My Velux Skylight Installed? This question is probably the number one concern raised by client’s when getting a quote from us. It’s a hard question to answer without some kind of visual. Answers like, “A lot!” just don’t tell you anything so, we’ve made a video to assist … Read more

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How Effective Are Velux Skylight Blockout Blinds?

Are Velux Skylight Blockout Blinds Effective? Wonder no more. The video says it all! This video is demonstrating a newly installed Velux Solar Blockout Blind on a newly installed Velux Solar Openable Skylight. Velux blockout blinds are unavailable until stock and manufacturing issues are resolved – anticipated late 2022… Want a quote for a Velux … Read more

Box Gutters and Sumps Installed

Do You Need A Sump In Your Box Guttering? A sump is a critical part of a box gutter installation as it allows excess water (particularly in heavy downpours) to be quickly removed from the guttering and prevent it backflowing under the roof sheets. Sumps can sometimes be retrofitted, especially in commercial buildings. Thinking you … Read more

Do I Need Two Velux Opening Skylights?

One or Two Opening Velux Skylights? The short answer is no! When positioning two Velux Skylights side by side in a room, we usually recommend having only one Velux skylight openable and making the other one a fixed Velux skylight. Why? We make this recommendation primarily to keep costs down. Having multiple skylights installed rapidly … Read more