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Box Gutter Installers and the problem of complying with Plumbing Regulations

Box Gutter Design Compliance Box gutters are an essential part of the roof drainage system. They are simply described on the VBA’s Box Gutter Design Fact Sheet as “a graded channel, generally of a rectangular shape, for the conveyance of rainwater within the building footprint, including adjacent to a wall or parapet”. Box gutter design … Read more

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Not wood Cladding – Knotwood

Timber Look Cladding That’s Not Wood! The hottest architectural trend for buildings apart from the use of mixed media finishes is the use of timber as a stand out design pop. The use of natural timber has its place. In a beach setting it can sit beautifully in its surrounding environment as the colour fades … Read more

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Water Leaking in Through Chimney

Chimney Leaks Got a leak around your chimney? We’ve got the solution. Chimneys and fireplaces are a lovely feature in homes whether traditional or contemporary. But they are also a common source of water ingress. Often it takes a long time before a chimney leak becomes apparent. Sometimes it shows up as dampness at the … Read more

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Replacing a shopfront verandah metal roof

Want to replace a shopfront verandah metal roof in Melbourne? Read on to discover what is required when you replace a shopfront verandah metal roof in Melbourne and see how Roofrite can make it easy for you by doing all the “behind the scenes legwork” to make your project Council and Worksafe compliant. The actual … Read more

Box Gutter Repairs – Melbourne

Box Gutter Issues Intense Spring rains often bring to a head long-standing problems with box gutters. Box gutters are the ideal place for leaves and debris to get caught and trapped. The result is the debris blocks the sump and causes water to then dam in the box gutter until it eventually overflows, usually down … Read more

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Colorbond Roofing in Melbourne – What to Consider

Why use Colorbond Roofing in Melbourne? It’s a question people will be confronted with when planning a renovation or new build. The answers are many and varied and no one answer is really right or wrong. Visual Appeal Let’s start with the visual. Colorbond roofing in Melbourne is a popular choice for those wanting to … Read more

Tile to Metal Roof Replacement Pascoe Vale | Melbourne | Roof Plumbers | Roofrite

17 Questions For A Metal Reroofing Quote in Melbourne

Are you looking at a metal roof replacement? These 17 questions will help you get the most out of the experience. We want you to not only have a new roof, but for the process be as smooth as possible. Project Specific Questions to ask if you’re getting a metal roof replacement quote If budget … Read more

Gutterguard - Blue Mountain Mesh

Gutterguard Guide

GUTTERGUARD GUIDE Every Autumn we’re presented with a beautiful palette of reds, oranges and yellows as leaves begin to change colour on the trees. But, once the leaves begin to fall, all thoughts of beauty quickly turn to irritation if your dwelling is under those same trees. All you can think about is how your … Read more

Hail Damaged Polycarbonate | Melbourne | Roofrite

Hail Damaged Polycarbonate & Skylight Repairs

Repairing hail damage to polycarbonate & skylights Hail damage to polycarbonate roofs and skylights is becoming an increasingly common problem for Australian homeowners and landlords. Roofrite can assist with the replacement of hail damaged polycarbonate roofs and skylights or domes. Simply call our helpful administrative staff to discuss your particular hail damaged roofing problem. Depending … Read more