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Colorbond Corrugated Iron Cladding

Colorbond corrugated iron cladding is such a great product to work with. We particularly love these projects for the dramatic change wrought on the buildings. The completed result always has a wow effect. Our recent Macleod project is no exception.

As can be seen, the house was quite run down with peeling paint and an overall generally shabby look.

The renovation project called for the existing run down house to be clad in vertically laid Colorbond corrugated iron cladding. Window flashings were included to ensure a great finish around the windows. We also needed to replace the eaves sheets and repair a little of the fascia timbers. The client wanted a one stop shop for the project so we included painting of the windows, eaves sheets and the repaired fascia timbers.  Restoration of the tiled roof was included in our quotation too.

Before Colorbond Cladding Installation

When installing Colorbond corrugated iron cladding, the first thing we install is a moulded channel along the bottom of the walls. The channel has tiny holes to enable water to drain small enough to act as an insect and rodent barrier. The channel will prevent any unwanted visitors nesting behind the newly clad walls.

Next we install metal battens straight over the top of the existing weatherboards. The Colorbond corrugated iron cladding is then laid and attached over the battens.

While it is a relatively simple process, crucial to a good finish is some time being spent at the start of the project thinking through the starting and finishing points for the sheets. The sheets must finish high enough to be able to tuck behind the eaves sheets (if the eaves sheets are flat) or behind a finishing flashing if the eaves sheets are sloped.

As you can see from the before and after pics, the house looks great.  It’s a pretty good way to add value for a relatively small outlay.

A project like this one would typically fall in the $55,000 - $60,000 range including the roof restoration and painting of windows.  Time wise, the project took about 6-7 weeks. I would say a great result if you’re looking for a quick but solid restoration of a house.

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After Colorbond Cladding Installation