Colorbond Metal Reroof with Velux Skylight – Flemington

A Colorbond Metal Reroof Changes the Look of Your House

This single fronted cottage in Flemington is fairly typical of what we’re asked to quote on for Colorbond metal reroofs in many inner city suburbs like Flemington, Northcote, Preston, Fitzroy, Thornbury, Kensington and Carlton. They typically will have a small verandah at the front, a pitched roof across the main house, and more often than not, one or more small additional roofs at the side or rear of the house.

Access for bringing new Colorbond or Zincalume metal roof material in and the old material out is usually very limited to a small walkway down the side.

However, the result can take a house from ordinary to stunning and is well worth the expense.

The Project

Colorbond metal reroof Flemington - Before (image)

This cute as a button cottage in Flemington required a complete metal reroof (105m2), a new front verandah, a Velux Skylight and some minor timber weatherboard and fascia repairs.  While it looks like a small metal reroof project from the front, there were multiple roofs at the rear making this a medium sized project for us. The aerial view image at the bottom of this post gives a good idea of the amount of work required.

Colorbond Metal ReRoof Details

Colorbond Metal Reroof Flemington - After

Roofrite installed

  • 105m2 of R1.5 sizalation blanket (foil sizalation with insulation attached to the underside) under the new roof sheets and topped the blanket up with R3.5 insulation batts (39m2) in the kitchen, bathroom and rear skillion roof.
  • 105m2 of Colorbond (Ironstone) corrugated iron was installed.
  • 7m of Colorbond box guttering and 7m of Colorbond capping to the east boundary wall.

The house required all new guttering.

Roofrite installed 28m of Quad guttering on external Colorbond brackets.

The Quad profile keeps the project in keeping with its period. Too often we see Squareline guttering installed on a period house and it spoils the whole look. Squareline is a contemporary profile and should not appear on a period house. Ever.

4x 75mm round Colorbond downpipes completed the guttering aspect of the overhaul.

The existing roof had a tired old perspex skylight. We replaced this with a Velux Skylight with high performance double glazing and custom made Colorbond flashings to match the roof color. The Velux Skylight would let in natural light yet filter out the heat during summer and keep the heat in during winter thanks to the doubleglazing.

The existing weatherboards on the rear gable were rotten and needed replacing as did the barge timbers (the flat bits running across the front and following the roof line of the gable). Our carpenter replaced all the timber – weatherboards and barge timbers – with preprimed timber.

Finally, the front verandah was also reroofed with all new Colorbond material.

Time and Cost

This project would typically take us a couple of weeks to complete. Depending on whether you chose Zincalume or Colorbond, the price range, with some timber repairs and a Velux Skylight would fall between $15,000 and $20,000.

Tel: 03 9499 8059

Please pass our thanks on to Kim, Joel, Rory, Charlie and anyone else who worked on the roof. We are delighted with the result.
Thanks also to you and Tracey for dealing with all my calls and emails.

RH – Flemington (September 2014)