Difficult, Curved, High-End Colorbond Roof Replacements – Melbourne

High-End Colorbond Roof Replacement

Some residential colorbond roofing projects require more than just a straight forward remove and replace or reroof. They require a skilled team that can manage the removal and replacement of perhaps curved roofs or curved cappings or curved guttering. The roof structure may need refalling and/or support timbers installed to change the pitch enough to meet minimum pitch requirements.

Some residential colorbond reroofs are just so big that a man in a van with a single apprentice just couldn’t manage the size of the project.

Difficult Residential Reroof Specialist

This is where Roofrite comes into their own. We specialise in difficult residential reroof projects and have a team skilled enough to cope with almost anything that comes up.

We recently completed a project in Gisborne that was always going to be a bit difficult as this gorgeous home had curved stone walls that meant installing parapet flashings would require some creative thinking on how to best but economically finish the walls to make installation of the cappings possible.

There were a number of roofs - five in all - and countless penetrations to deal with. Lots of skylights to install and lots of other trades to co-ordinate with. While the roof was off, the owner wanted to rewire and replumb the dwelling and install new air-conditioning units. We installed new insulation too.

Once the roofs were removed, we found the existing support structure was lacking the required support system for the new roof. Our carpenter’s skills were called for as one entire roof required regrading to create appropriate fall and another roof was sagging and required new timbers there too.

And that’s the thing with a project of this magnitude. You can’t always know what is underneath the roof until it is removed. This is when a good relationship with your client becomes essential for the project to keep moving forward and unforeseen additional time and costs are added to the original quoted price.

This project took around 1000 man hours and came in around $150K to complete but has resulted in a fantastic looking roof. The house now has improved natural lighting thanks to the Velux skylights and will keep the owners much warmer in winter and cooler in summer thanks to the installation of insulation batts.

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