Hail Damaged Curved Polycarbonate Roof Replacement

Hail Damaged Curved Roof

Every now and then a project comes along that you can’t wait to do because you know that what you are working on is a bit special.

Sadly for the clients at this beautiful Warrandyte property, their curved polycarbonate roofing sheets were damaged by hail in one of Melbourne’s many 2020 storms.

Roofrite was fortunate enough to be asked to quote on the replacement of the hail damaged polycarbonate sheets. As we’ve worked with curved polycarbonate roofing on a number of projects, we were unfazed by the scale or complexity of what was required.

The icing on the cake for us was that the view was amazing, the property setting was awesome and the clients were a delight to work with.

And as can be seen, replacing the existing hail damaged curved Danpal multiwall sheets with new saw the new roof look fabulous once completed.

We attended a few days in advance to remove the existing sheets to enable the client to paint the supporting structure. We then returned a few days later to install scaffold for safe access while we installed the new multiwall sheets.

Job well done team.

A project of this scale sat around the $17K mark so thankfully the clients were insured.

If you have any hail damaged roofing needs, polycarbonate, metal or even skylight replacements, Roofrite can assist you.

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