Velux Skylight concept sketch - Essendon (image)

Bringing Skylight Ideas to Life

Back to Projects Roofrite are more than your basic roof plumber. We’re able to see the bigger picture of what you’re wanting to do and bring your idea to life. This owner of this project in Essendon wanted to find a way that would see a small open space made more useable without blocking out … Read more

Apartment Building Cladding Replacement West Melbourne | Roofrite

Cladding Replacement Melbourne

Back to Projects Cladding Replacement talk has reached fever pitch in the media in the wake of the tragedy that has unfolded in the UK with the Grenfell building’s rapid demise. Apartment dwellers and owners everywhere are nervously wondering about the cladding covering their building. Hoping their building is clad with the German branded, flame … Read more

Replaced polycarb with PolyPiu Multiwall - Coburg (image)

Polycarbonate Roof Replacement using Polypiu – Melbourne

Back to Projects Polycarbonate Roof Replacement – Product Update Polycarbonate roofing has undergone a revolution. The newer polycarbonate products are high tech wonders that give an outdoor space a touch of architectural glamour. Polycarbonate still comes in traditional roofing profiles such as corrugated and Klip-lok, but the newer multiwall and high-end glass lookalike products provide … Read more

metal roof replaced - Albert Park (image)

Metal Reroof for a Renovation and Extension

Back to Projects Project: Metal Reroof Location: Albert Park, Melbourne Product: Colorbond Monument One of the fantastic things about being metal roof plumbers is that we get to work on a great variety of projects. One of our favourites is to see the transformation that happens when a house is renovated. Amongst the many renovation … Read more

Klip-Lok commercial roof and side flashings replaced - Melbourne (image)

Commercial Roof Repairs and Maintenance – Melbourne

Back to Projects Project:   Commercial Roof Repairs and Metal Roof Replacement Location: Mornington Peninsula Product:   Colorbond Surfmist Roofrite have a stable of property managers for whom we regularly undertake commercial building roof repairs and roof maintenance. Occasionally, we come across a roof where nothing more can be done to make it watertight without replacing it. … Read more

Solar roof vent installed (image)

Tile To Metal Roof Replacement

Back to Projects Project: Tile To Metal Roof Replacement Location: Box Hill South Product: Colorbond Ironstone Shedding Some Weight A tile to metal roof replacement is like lifting the weight of the world off your shoulders. Imagine shedding 92% of your weight. That’s what happens when your replace the average tiled roof with a Zinc … Read more

Shafts and Velux Skylights built & installed - Malvern (image)

Velux Skylights installed with shafts – a mini reno

Back to Projects Velux Skylights installed with shafts do so much more than add light Velux skylights installed with shafts do so much more than add light… When you’re thinking of bringing more light into your home why not let your imagination run wild? When adding a skylight, think of the end result as not just … Read more

Polycarbonate Roof Replacement Heidelberg | Ampelite Solafrost

Polycarbonate Roof Replacement

Back to Projects What do you do when your polycarb roof goes milky and brittle? Replace it with a better quality polycarbonate product!!! Polycarbonate roof replacement is not just a matter of replacing your old product with the same product, there are so many great options available today. Polycarbonate Roof Replacement Polycarbonate products have come … Read more

Roof Replacement - Tile to Colorbond (completed) - Balwyn (image)

Roof Replacement – Tile to Colorbond in Balwyn

Back to Projects Roof Replacement – Tile to Colorbond – it’s something we do year in year out, month in month out.  It makes us experts at it.   One of our first projects for 2016 was exactly this – a tile to Colorbond conversion for a client in Balwyn. Tile to Colorbond -Transform your … Read more