Trayline Cladding and Diversaclad Cladding Installation – Preston

Project: Wall Cladding

Location: Preston, Melbourne

Cladding in all its forms has become such an expected part of a new home build or renovation that it’s rare now to not see it on a dwelling.

And why not? It’s durable, low maintenance and is a great feature adding interest to homes and often lifting their visual aesthetic well beyond the ordinary.

Cladding Combination

Roofrite has worked on a broad range of cladding projects both commercially and domestically. This project in Preston was a particularly interesting project to work on as it incorporated both Trayline and Diversaclad cladding and then for an added feature near the front door, we installed Astro Metallic Colorbond over the feature panels to give the impression of copper. It looks fantastic in the sunshine.

The finished house looks amazing and is a real feature in the street, more so now the landscaping has been completed.

Cladding Substrate

One of the things to consider when deciding on a profile is the substrate requirements and the length of the sheets you will need. Some cladding profiles are more prone than others to what is termed “oil-canning” which means the flat part of the panels can take on a warped look if not installed to the manufacturer’s requirements. Some profiles don’t require any substrate - usually ply is used for substrate to give the cladding strength - making them a cheaper option.

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