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The idiom “the icing on the cake” is often used when an additional good thing happens to something that is already good. We can easily apply the idiom in our industry when a charming Victorian home gets a new roof. The already “good” bones are there and the reroof becomes the icing on the cake.

Reroof Brunswick

We recently had the pleasure to be awarded a reroof of a beautiful Victorian home in Brunswick. The roof was quite rusted and in need of replacement as was the guttering. The overall appearance was one of dilapidation.

Colorbond Roofing Sheets & Guttering

Roofrite quoted to do a full metal reroof of around 80m2 using Colorbond roofing sheets and including all associated cappings and flashings. We also quoted to replace around 48 lineal metres of guttering also in Colorbond. When replacing guttering, Roofrite always hangs the gutter on external brackets. The reason being they have more strength than internal brackets as the gutter is hung on them rather than hanging off them. In addition, when it comes to cleaning your gutters there is nothing to impede access inside the gutter. Internal brackets can create an environment where debris can catch on the metal bracket.

Downpipe Replacement

The property had rectangular downpipes in place which are better suited to a contemporary dwelling. Roofrite quoted to replace them with round downpipes to complement the heritage look of the house.

Colorbond Bullnose & Flashing

The charming bullnose verandah roof sheets (about 20m2) were also quoted for replacement including the curved finishing flashings.

Included in our quotation was scaffold hire to provide safe access to our staff while they worked. The scaffold helps us work faster too as it provides access at chest height for us to replace the guttering.

As can be seen from the after photos, the new roofs really are the icing on the cake. A metal reroof seems to always make a house look stronger and straighter and in this case, certainly gives the house new street appeal.

As the client says:

"... Roof looks awesome :)"

A project such as this falls in the $26,000 - $30,000 range. Pricing will depend on the square meterage of the roof, the number of lineal metres of guttering, and how many downpipes there are to be replaced too. Access is always a factor in working out pricing. The labour cost is influenced by access. If we have good access, the project can complete much quicker than a property with poor access.

Thinking of undertaking a metal reroof in Melbourne? Call the friendly Roofrite team today to book in a quote.