Replacing a shopfront verandah metal roof

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Want to replace a shopfront verandah metal roof in Melbourne?

Read on to discover what is required when you replace a shopfront verandah metal roof in Melbourne and see how Roofrite can make it easy for you by doing all the “behind the scenes legwork” to make your project Council and Worksafe compliant.

The actual replacement of a shopfront verandah roof is the easy part of the project for a metal roof replacement company like Roofrite.  The biggest challenges occur behind the scenes and, unfortunately for the client, add a raft of compliance costs to the project.

When planning this type of project, consideration must be given to the management of:

  • pedestrians
  • proximity to power
  • proximity to overhead tram power lines
  • road traffic
  • trams, and
  • council requirements.

Planning begins with the procurement of a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) with a TMP designer. The TMP outlines to Council, and where applicable Vic Roads and Yarra Trams, how pedestrians and traffic will be affected by the project and what steps will be put in place to ensure their safe management and no delays occur to traffic and tram timetables. Consent must be obtained from Vic Roads and Yarra Trams and must then be submitted to Council along with any permit applications.

If the work will be conducted within 3m of power lines or overhead tram power lines, additional permits are required from the power supplier (eg,Citipower) and Yarra Trams. Obtaining consent involves meeting representatives on site to explain the works and discuss where power covers (commonly referred to as tiger tails or battens) will need to be installed. Once installed a further site meeting takes place for the issue of a No Go Zone Permit to Work.

Any work that requires the occupation of a footpath or road requires a permit from Council. Fees vary from Council to Council but essentially they all require a traffic management plan, Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance cover, Vic Roads approval, Yarra Trams approval and a Notification of Works letter be hand delivered to affected properties (five either side of the location of works) five to seven days prior to works commencing and a copy submitted with the permit application.

The process can take 6-8 weeks.  But,  once we obtain all the requisite permits, we’re finally ready to replace the shopfront verandah metal roof.

If you’re thinking about replacing a shopfront verandah roof in Melbourne, give Roofrite a call on (03) 9499 8059. We can quote the project for you including compliance. Easy.