Solar Powered Openable Skylights

Velux VSS Solar Powered Openable Skylights | Melbourne | RoofriteVelux VSS – Solar Powered Top-Hung Skylights

Velux have introduced a new opening skylight – the solar powered VSS. It is the ultimate in skylights as it provides an abundance of daylight and controllable ventilation without the additional need for any electrical wiring.

The Velux VSS comes with an externally mounted solar panel and rain sensor eliminating the need for an electrician as part of the installation cost.

The motor operator has a built-in battery pack, which is continually charged by the solar panel – depending on light conditions – allowing the skylight to be operated at any time of the day or night by way of an attractive touch screen remote control. The battery pack will close the window automatically if it gets low on charge. A fully charged battery pack, without any sun, will give approximately 100 operations.

Standard features of the Velux VSS solar skylights include rain sensors, insect screens and high performance double glazing with around 80% heat block. Velux have cleverly reduced the need for frequent cleaning of the external glass by introducing A NEAT outer coating. It makes the glass surface smoother so water disperses evenly, sheets off and evaporates quickly thereby minimising water spotting on the pane.

Note that the rain sensor is also a vibration sensor. Not only will it close if it detects rain drops on the sensor but also if it detects sound or vibration of heavy rain, hail, etc.

From the inside, the Velux VSS solar skylights look great as they come with a white painted interior timber frame and sash. The VSS solar skylights come in a choice of 9 sizes and you can separately purchase white solar powered blockout blinds or white solar powered honeycomb blinds for all sizes in the range. These can be purchased and installed with the skylight or retrofitted later if you prefer to see how the skylight performs first without a blind. The choice is yours.
Velux does offer a standard flashing kit for tiled and metal roofs however, as Roofrite are licensed roof plumbers, should you be wanting to install a skylight into a metal roof, we can offer you custom made Colorbond flashings for a seamless color-matched finish into your Colorbond roof. This option means you will not only have the standard Velux 10 year product warranty but we can provide a six year industry-backed workmanship warranty for the installation too.
A recommended pitch of between 15 and 90 degrees is recommended for the installation of a Velux VSS skylight. If your roofline doesn’t meet the minimum recommended 15 degrees, Roofrite can build up the frame and surrounding flashings to suitably accommodate the skylight.

Did we mention the Velux VSS solar skylight has a 5 star WERS rating and is suitable for installation in BAL 40 rated zones? Velux skylights are now a feature of the Arlberg Snow Resort at Mount Hotham.

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