Velux Skylights Service Calls

Velux Product ID Data PlateWhat Velux Model Do I Have?

Should you want to arrange a service call or order additional or replacement products for your Velux Skylight, you will need to know your Velux Skylight model, date of manufacture, size and glass type.

NOTE: for service calls please visit the Velux Skylights website

If the Velux Skylight or Roof Window was already in place when you purchased or rented the property, you may wonder how on earth you are going to establish this information.

Velux have very cleverly already thought of this.

Included on every Velux Skylight or Velux Roof Window is a Velux Product ID Plate.

The data plate is mounted on the fame. The date plate contains the serial number, which tells the skylight model, glass type, and date of manufacture.

Where is the Velux Product ID Plate located?

An FS skylight will have the plate located at the bottom left of the frame.

A VS, VSE or VSS has the plate located at the bottom left of the sash. You may need to open the window to see the metal plate. Note however that new skylights have the plate at the top of the frame.

An FCM has the information stamped into the (short) side of the exterior covers.

A GGL or GPL model has the plate at the top of the frame. You will need to rotate the window open to see the ID Plate.

Velux Product ID Plate Locations