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Velux Sun Tunnels for pitched roofs are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and cupboards where installation of a Velux skylight is not possible.

Velux Sun Tunnels come with both flexible and rigid shafts.

Rigid Sun Tunnels are most suited to roof spaces with minimal obstructions. They have a highly reflective shaft that enables them to achieve maximum light output. The dual-layered ceiling diffuser spreads light over an area of up to 9m2. Rigid Sun Tunnels come in a 350mm diameter with a 1650mm shaft as standard. Should you want to extend the length of the shaft, a rigid shaft extension of 1240mm long can be separately purchased.

Flexible Sun Tunnels can be used when obstructions in the roof cavity prevent the use of a rigid Sun Tunnel. While they come in a 350mm diameter, the shaft for a flexible Sun Tunnel can only be up to 2200mm long. As with the rigid Sun Tunnel, the dual-layered ceiling diffuser spreads light over an area of up to 9m2.

Velux Sun Tunnels Warranty

Velux Sun Tunnels come with a 7 year product warranty.

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