How Much Light Will I Get If I Have A Velux Skylight Installed?

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How Much Light Will I Get With My Velux Skylight Installed?

This question is probably the number one concern raised by client’s when getting a quote from us.

It’s a hard question to answer without some kind of visual.

Answers like, “A lot!” just don’t tell you anything so, we’ve made a video to assist you.

Please tune in to the video below to have that all important question answered, “How much light will I get if I have a Velux Skylight installed”.

The Velux skylight in the video is on the Western side of the house. This room was dark all day every day until we installed the Velux skylight.

When we close the blind it’s effectively giving you a visual of how much light is in the room without a Velux Skylight and how much light you will get if you have a Velux skylight installed.

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