Velux Skylights for Renovations

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Renovating with Velux Skylights

While our team is well qualified to install skylights in a retrofit capacity, it can’t be argued that the easiest time to install is when the build is underway.

We can readily work in with you or your carpenter to install one or twenty skylights into the roof.

At this renovation project in Coburg, we were able to work in with the construction company’s team to mark out and install Velux skylights.

As always, we made our own custom flashings for installation into the metal roof. This is critical to ensuring a watertight finish.

As you can see from the pics with this article, we have run hopper flashings (the metal sheet that runs behind the skylight up to the ridge line) behind the skylights and up to the ridge line. This is essential to ensure that in a heavy downpour you don’t have water running down the roof sheets and into the skylight. By covering the pans of the roof sheets, the water is distributed differently.

We also recommend installing the blinds at this point to. Installing the blinds into the skylight while it is still on the ground is much much more time effective (and therefore cheaper) than after the skylights have been installed.

They can be programmed and tested and then simply kept fully open so they don’t get dirty during the rest of the build.

Check out the pics below to see how our team has marked out, framed up then installed Velux skylights with blinds at this renovation in Coburg.

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