Velux Skylights Melbourne – Garage Roof Ideas

What can you do with Velux Skylights?

What about giving the garage a makeover?

Velux Skylights? Wow!

I came across this amazing image of a modern garage at  It has incorporated a bank of skylights into the roof to give it total wow factor.


Velux Skylights Melbourne Home Improvement Ideas (image)
A bank of skylights has given this garage the wow factor - Image Source:

Use your imagination!

It is amazing what can be done using skylights and a bit of imagination.

Roofrite has installed hundreds of skylights but the most we've done in one hit is a bank of seven Velux Skylights in a row in a property in Melbourne.  However, this image shows that by installing not just 12 skylights in a row but rather in groups of 3 skylights instead, the finished look is much neater and certainly gives plenty of wow to this man cave!

Use a combination of opening and fixed skylights

Velux Skylights can be installed in a variety of configurations and with a variety of shaft styles.  Furthermore, they come in not just fixed models but openable models too so you can get fresh air into places where regular windows cannot be installed.  When installing into grouped configurations, it is often advisable to incoroporate a combination of fixed and opening skylights so you minimise the cost but maximise the airflow.

You can learn more about Velux Skylights here, or for further ideas visit our Velux Skylights Gallery.

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