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Timber Look Cladding That's Not Wood!

The hottest architectural trend for buildings apart from the use of mixed media finishes is the use of timber as a stand out design pop.

The use of natural timber has its place. In a beach setting it can sit beautifully in its surrounding environment as the colour fades to a silver grey.

In an urban environment, it can look fantastic. We are seeing it used extensively on upper storey walls, balconies, the underside of verandah roofs, for screening, as a feature wall and so on. The applications are only limited by the architect’s imagination.

When newly installed the color is rich.  The feature draws the eye. It’s impressive.

But in many cases, as the natural fading of the timber occurs it can look awful. It detracts from the original design and eventually screams neglect.

Neglect might be unavoidable. The location of the timber may be inaccessible for maintenance purposes. Or the time and or cost of regularly maintaining the timber with a protective sealant may be prohibitive. Certainly, this is the case where timber has been used as a decorative screen or in commercial situations.

Don’t despair. There is a solution!

Knotwood - Aluminium Cladding

Knotwood, as the name implies, has created a metal product that mimics wood.  It has many applications as a visit to its website attests.

At Roofrite, we’re particularly excited about Knotwood’s cladding system.

Knotwood’s cladding not only looks great, but it also protects the building from the effects of weather. It is extremely lightweight, and yet strong and durable. Knotwood’s aluminium cladding is suitable for use in bushfire prone areas. Aluminium does not burn, and is classified as a non-combustible construction material. It complies with Australian Standards A1530.3 and AS1530.1.

Aluminium cladding is low maintenance and best of all, doesn’t require coating. It is a practical and cost effective solution for your building.