Commercial Roof Repairs – Common Causes of Leaks

sealed flashings and capping (image)

Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial buildings leak for a variety of reasons. Roofrite has established over many years of commercial roof repairs that there is a range of “typical” causes of water ingress.

Common Causes of Leaks

Perhaps the most common cause of commercial roof repairs is water ingress through penetrations.

Roof penetrations can take the form of flues, airconditioning pipes, and skylights. We frequently encounter situations where two or more airconditioning pipes have been run through the roof in a bunch. Rainwater then enters the roof cavity by traveling between the pipes.

Another common cause of water ingress on commercial roofs is due to the sealant deteriorating over time. After several years it is likely due for renewal. Typically, worn sealant issues occur around penetrations but also along joins.

Nails instead of screws
On commercial and domestic buildings, roofs used to be nailed down rather than screwed down. Over time the nails loosen. It is a simple matter to resecure the roof or flashings with new screws.

Box gutters
Box gutters are also a common cause of water ingress. They may be falling the wrong way, have been constructed too shallow, or simply be full of debris.

Polycarbonate sheets deteriorating
If the roof has polycarbonate sheets, it’s possible the polycarbonate has become brittle with age. When this happens, the polycarbonate sheets can develop small splits enabling water ingress.

A process of elimination
Despite our wealth of knowledge, some commercial roof leaks can be difficult to source. It may be a process of elimination as we work through the obvious causes to the less obvious.

As you can see, Roofrite is familiar with the many causes of roof leaks that require commercial roof repairs.

Commercial Roof Repair Solutions

There are many solutions too. It is not always necessary to replace the entire roof when leaking occurs.

Liquid Rubber Membrane
Depending on the problem, the application of a liquid rubber membrane may provide a cost effective solution. Other leaking issues may be resolved by the replacement of worn dektites with new, replacing nails with screws, resecuring loose and flapping roof sheets, cappings and penetrations or even installing hopper flashings to cover rusted areas.

Weigh up the economics
Finally, it should be remembered that commercial roof repairs are not always economical. For some buildings, there is a tipping point. If repairs are likely to be ongoing, they can add up to more than a new roof.

Call Roofrite today to discuss how we can economically undertake any commercial roof repairs for your leaking building. Alternatively we can provide a quote to undertake a metal reroof.