Commercial Building Roof Repairs

corrugated iron reroof and flues installed - Malvern (image)

Commercial Building Roof Repairs Melbourne

Commercial building roof repairs for small or large shops, factories and office buildings is Roofrite’s forte. We are skilled at leak detection and rectification. We quote and fix roof leaks on these buildings on a daily basis and have done so for more than 25 years.

Experience has shown us that, commonly, water ingress occurs:

  • around penetrations, such as flues, air-conditioning pipes and skylights,
  • deteriorated sealant,
  • nailed roof sheets lifting,
  • box gutters being too shallow, falling the wrong way, or full of debris,
  • polycarbonate sheets becoming brittle and developing splits.

Despite our wealth of knowledge, some commercial roof leaks can be difficult to source. It may be a process of elimination as we work through the obvious causes to the less obvious.

Many commercial building roof repairs can be readily addressed, usually economically.

Depending on the problem, the application of a liquid rubber membrane may provide a cost effective solution. Other leaking issues may be resolved by:

  • replacement of worn dektites with new,
  • replacing nails with screws,
  • resecuring loose and flapping roof sheets, cappings and penetrations
  • installing hopper flashings to cover rusted areas.

It should be noted though that commercial roof repairs are not always economical. For some buildings, there is a tipping point. If repairs are ongoing, they can add up to more than a new roof.

Roofrite issues Image Reports with all quotations. This is an ideal resource for property managers who have to relay information to other parties. It eliminates miscommunication.

Call Roofrite today to discuss how we can economically undertake any commercial roof repairs for your leaking building.

flue and cowl installed for bathroom exhaust fan - Research (image)

What Our Customers Have To Say:

Hi Roofrite team We picked up the blind yesterday and I installed it last night. We are so pleased with what you have supplied. The instructions were easy to follow and the installation had no issues. Why didn’t we do this years ago!! It seems to me that it blocks much closer to 100% of the light (your specs say 95%) and that is great. It was the heat protection that we were really after, so bring on more 40 degree days to test it out, but the extra light protection is an added bonus. All in all, it was well worth the hike over to Heidelberg West and we will be recommending your products to all who ask.