Real Estate Agent and Body Corporate Roof Plumbers

Residential and Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roofrite are established Real Estate Agent and Body Corporate Roof Plumbers fixing the leaking roofs in their residential and commercial property portfolios since 1995.

Roof Plumbers for Residential and Commercial Property Managers

We understand that communication is key to keeping everyone happy. When we’re notified of a leak, Roofrite’s admin team:

  • contact the tenant asap so the tenant knows the property manager is dealing with the issue.
  • confirm by email to the property manager that we’ve made an appointment with the tenant to look at the leak.
  • attend the appointment and either prepare a quote or telephone for approval to fix on the spot if it is something small that can be addressed while on site.
  • if we’re preparing a quote, an image report will usually be provided for clarification of the proposed works. The format of the image report is suitable for onward transmission to the landlord(s) and eliminates the need for the property manager to explain the proposed repairs.

Because we’re licensed roof plumbers, we are roofing specialists. Roofrite can address anything roofing and/or guttering related and usually resolve problems general plumbers and handyman can’t.

We can address:

  • Real-Estate-Agents-Servicedmetal roofs
  • verandah roofs, domestic and commercial
  • polycarbonate roofs
  • tiled roofs
  • guttering
  • downpipes
  • leafguard
  • cappings and flashings
  • skylight and dome repairs or replacements
  • Velux skylight repairs or replacements
  • box guttering

Call Roofrite now on 03 9499 8059 to discuss how we can help you keep your tenants and landlords happy.

Colorbond Coolmax reroof Northcote - After

What Our Customers Have To Say:

Thanks Paula, I spent a fair bit of time learning about possible solutions to our church’s rather complex roofing needs, and researching various options offered by a number of companies (including an unnecessary total roof replacement, at a cost of about triple your charge). After thoroughly comparing the various proposals, your company absolutely stood out, with a final product in which we have total confidence. The consultations with Kim were clear and comprehensive. His assurances about the long established company credentials were comforting, and the manner in which the team went about their business was impressive. The materials used appear to be most suitable for our needs, and we are looking forward to a trouble free church roof for years to come.