Compliance Certificates


Compliance Certificates

The VBA Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) is the regulatory body that governs plumbers.  They are also the auditors of plumbing standards, codes, and regulations.  The PIC tracks compliance through the issue of Compliance Certificates.

All plumbers must issue a Compliance Certificate for any plumbing work with a value of $750 or more.

Only a licensed plumber can issue a Compliance Certificate.  And, the plumber must hold a current insurance policy to renew their licence. The Compliance Certificate is an industry backed workmanship warranty. It is valid for six years.

What is the benefit to the client of this?

It means that even if the plumber is no longer in business, rectification will still be possible.

It means also that:

  • if the plumber dies,
  • develops a legal incapacity, disappears,
  • becomes bankrupt or insolvent,
  • has their licence suspended or cancelled,

during your project, completion will also be possible.

So, beware of the plumbers that cannot offer you a Compliance Certificate. And be aware of what having a Compliance Certificate's benefits are.

Got any questions on Compliance Certificates?

Call Roofrite on (03) 94998059 or call the VBA Plumbing Industry Commission on 1300815127

Read more about Compliance Certificates on the VBA PIC website here:

Compliance Certificates (Vic Building Authority)

or on Roofrite's website here:

Plumbing Compliance Certificates

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