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Illume Skylights - Solar LED Skylights

Illume Solar LED Skylights are a shaftless skylight system that can be installed anywhere! Illume skylights react to the ambient light conditions in the environment, just like a regular skylight, ie if there are clouds overhead, or the sky is clear, an Illume Skylight will adjust to reflect these light conditions. Illume refer to this as ‘ambient light technology’, and it it designed to maintain a harmonious balance between indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. So when the sun sets, the skylight dims just as a regular skylight would.

No Skylight Shaft Required

An Illume Skylight is the perfect solution for areas where a traditional skylight is impossible, i.e. areas where a shaft cannot be fitted. Here are some examples:

  • Where no direct roof access is available, eg in a multi-storey apartment or house, basement, wine cellar, etc
  • The roof structure doesn't allow for a shaft, eg where trusses or other structural elements can't be cut to fit a shaft
Solar LED Skylights | Roofrite Melbourne (image)

Solar Powered Skylight

The Illume Skylight is powered by a solar panel on the roof, which is attached to an led lighting panel in the ceiling.

Two Year Extended Warranty Available

Illume Shaftless Solar Skylight Systems come with a standard 12 month manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. However, if you register your Illume product online, the manufacturer will double your warranty to two years.

Choice of Size and Style

There are a variety of styles and sizes available. Systems range from individual skylights with individual solar panels to larger multi-panel systems. Talk to the team at Roofrite for more information by calling 03 9499 8059


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