Velux FCM – Non Opening Skylights For Flat Roofs

Velux FCM Skylights Installed - Melbourne (image)

velux-skylight-fcm-flat-roofVelux FCM – Non Opening Skylights

Velux FCM (non-opening) skylights are a versatile double glazed alternative to acrylic domes particularly as these non-opening flat roof skylights incorporate the Velux high performance laminated glazing unit.

All FCMs have a laminated inner pane and toughened outer pane.   This makes them extremely safe. To give you an example, while old acrylic domes can be easily damaged in a hailstorm, in simulated tests Velux skylights withstood hailstones the size of cricket balls launched at speeds experienced during heavy storms.

And, unlike acrylic or polycarbonate skylights, laminated glass will not fade nor discolour over time.  A further benefit of the high performance double glazing is that it blocks approximately 75% of radiant heat and gives around 99% protection from UV rays

The FCM is available in 10 sizes with most offering versatile positioning such as portrait, landscape or even a “diamond shape” orientation.

Three sizes in particular are ideal “straight-swap” replacements for acrylic domes: FCM 1430 fits a standard 400x800mm dome, FCM 2230 for a 600x800mm dome and FCM3434 for a 900x900mm dome.

While the FCM range is designed for flat roofs, Velux recommends they be installed with a slight pitch of around 3-5 degrees to prevent condensation build-up and to allow water to run off.

In addition, the Velux FCM range requires custom-made flashings to ensure a snug, secure fit. Being licensed roof plumbers, Roofrite can readily arrange supply and/or installation of these as part of your order.

Still wondering how it might look? We’ve included an example below but you could visit our Velux gallery page to view a range of completed projects where we have replaced acrylic domes with Velux skylights.

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