Velux Skylights Installed – Timber Shafts and Timber Ceilings

Skylights in Timber Ceilings with Timber Shafts While the majority of our Velux Skylight installations require a plaster shaft and have a plaster ceiling, we do regularly install skylights into timber lined ceilings. This of course requires a timber lined shaft to aesthetically complement the skylight. Scroll through a few examples of Velux Skylight Installation … Read more

How Effective Are Velux Skylight Blockout Blinds?

Are Velux Skylight Blockout Blinds Effective? Wonder no more. The video says it all! This video is demonstrating a newly installed Velux Solar Blockout Blind on a newly installed Velux Solar Openable Skylight. Velux blockout blinds are unavailable until stock and manufacturing issues are resolved – anticipated late 2022… Want a quote for a Velux … Read more