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Gutterguard - Blue Mountain Mesh


Every Autumn we’re presented with a beautiful palette of reds, oranges and yellows as leaves begin to change colour on the trees. But, once the leaves begin to fall, all thoughts of beauty quickly turn to irritation if your dwelling is under those same trees. All you can think about is how your gutters and downpipes are becoming clogged. Especially after a couple of rains when it can turn into a soggy soupy mess with the potential for disastrous water ingress.

There is a way to relax and enjoy Autumn, and not be stressed in Winter. Get gutterguard installed!

We’re now spoilt for choice when it comes to protecting our gutters. A variety of leafguard products exist at all different price points and for different situations.

Here’s a roofer’s view on the best products available.

Gutter Protector Australia’s foam gutter guard

Gutter Protector | Leafguard | Melbourne | Roofrite

This is an excellent product. Easy to install and suitable for most gutter types. It is a specialised mesh foam that enables water to pour through it. And its triangular shaped design allows water to flow unimpeded at the base of the gutter and therefore wash away any dirt that may have worked its way through the mesh. The product has been treated with a biocide so that it will prevent the growth of moss, mildew, mould and even prevent seeds from germinating in your gutter.

This is a premium product and ideal in situations where access to the gutter is limited.

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Blue Mountain Steel Mesh

Gutterguard - Blue Mountain Mesh

The “ski slope” design of this over-the-gutter system ensures leaves and debris blow off the roof. As the name implies, this product is made from steel and meets Australian Building Standards for bushfire prone areas. It also comes in a range of colors so can blend in nicely with your tile or Colorbond roof. The beauty of this product is that it also offers the best protection against birds and possums. And it can be installed across the valleys, not just the gutter.

This too is a premium product but requires an accredited installer like Roofrite to fit it.

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Gutterfilta Gutterguard | Melbourne | Roofrite

This is a similar product to Gutter Protector Australia as it too offers a porous product with an anti microbial additive which will prevent algae and mould developing as well as assisting with mosquito control by keeping mosquitoes away from any water build up. GuttaFilta can be cut to fit any size gutter. While it can be a DIY product, we recommend using Roofrite’s roof plumbers to ensure you don’t become a ladder fall (or death) statistic: 20 Australians die every year after falling from a ladder!

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What Else?

There are other products on the market. They may be cheaper but are not designed for any long-term solution and generally offer very little in the way of UV treatments or warranties. All the products we’ve listed above offer generous product warranties. At the end of the day, we’re great believers in the adage, “you get what you pay for”.

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