School Colorbond Wall Cladding

School Wall Cladding - Box Hill North

Colorbond Wall Cladding, a low cost facelift solution for schools

As Melbourne’s schools age, the Education Department and school Principals are faced with the dilemma of modernising dated school buildings. Installing corrugated Colorbond Wall Cladding is a low cost solution to this problem.
School Colorbond Wall Cladding – The Vision
At Box Hill North, Kerrimuir Primary School had a vision which saw their shabby façade – fake brick cement cladding – replaced with a thoroughly modern corrugated mini-orb Colorbond wall cladding.

Making the Vision a Reality

Enter Roofrite. We were invited by the school to make their vision a reality back in February 2017.

The Quotation

Our proposal involved replacing the existing cement sheet cladding with Colorbond cladding laid over sizalation wall wrap and included finishing flashings around sills and windows. At the sub floor level, we proposed installing new cement sheeting to create a visual break between walling and sub-flooring. New top-hat battens were also needed for fixing the colorbond sheets to.

We presented the Assistant Principal with an image report to assist with the School’s funding presentation to the Education Department as well as a detailed quotation.

Image Reports & Scheduling

The benefit of our Image Reports are that they can convey quite clearly step by step what is proposed – helpful when the information needs to pass through multiple hands.

We were also able schedule the project for the long January school holiday break which meant there was little to no disruption for students and staff while works were in progress.

The project ran smoothly from start to finish.

The Finished School Colorbond Wall Cladding

The corrugated cladding on the school has given it a much-needed lift. The building looks so much more solid and the color choices give the buildings a contemporary feel. The darker sub-floor section makes the greenery of the replanted garden really pop.

A project of this size falls in the range of $140,000 - $160,000.

Thinking of giving your school or dwelling a contemporary update with Colorbond Cladding? Give us a call for a quote today.

Before Wall Cladding

After Wall Cladding