Metal Roof Replacement with Insulation

Anticon blanket installed - Rosanna

Replacing your metal roof is a necessity once it starts rusting through.  It can’t be avoided if you want to stay dry BUT there can be an upside to the outlay.

Add Insulation

If you don’t have any insulation, while the roof is being replaced is a great time to install it. And for not too much more expense.

We often find that the small skillion roof at the back of an older house lacks insulation. As a result, the room can be stifling in summer, and an ice chest in winter.

Adding insulation batts will obviously make a huge difference to the comfort level of the space. Clients have a range of batts and brands to choose from.
The most commonly requested and installed are Glasswool insulation batts. As the name implies, the Glasswool insulation batts are made of recycled glass spun into fibres.

Eco Friendly Insulation Options

If you have asthma issues there is a range of eco-friendly alternatives where the fibres are “bound” using an organic binder instead of the more commonly used phenol formaldehyde resin. Check the packaging as many organically bound, eco-friendly insulation batts are endorsed by the Australian Asthma Council.

This little KlipLok metal roof replacement in Rosanna saw us installing into the roof cavity around 36m2 of Greenstuff R2 rated polyester insulation batts and laying the same amount of aircell insulation blanket over that to prevent condensation.

While the metal roof replacement looks great, the most effective part of the metal reroof from our client’s perspective is the difference the insulation has made to the inside of the house.

Ask us how we can help you to feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer.