Tile To Metal Roof – Knoxfield

All roofs have a life span. The problem with tiled roofs is they become porous and brittle to the point that they can no longer be walked on. Hail becomes problematic at this stage.  A hailstorm can shatter the tiles much easier than when the tiles were new. Water ingress becomes a real issue.

The question when it comes time to replace the tiled roof is whether to replace tile with tile or give your house a rest from the weight of a tiled roof and reroof it with a Colorbond steel roof.

The main advantage when deciding to proceed with a tile to Colorbond reroof is that the roof will sit lighter on the frame than a tiled roof - 98% lighter in fact.

For some people though, the main advantage is aesthetics. Replacing a tiled roof with a new Colorbond steel roof can totally change the look of the house.

This recent Roofrite tile to metal reroof project in Knoxfield is a good example of aesthetics. The house has taken on a completely updated contemporary look.

We’ve completed this tile to metal reroof with Colorbond steel in Monument. We also replaced the gable timbers with a Colorbond weatherboard cladding in Classic Cream. The shift from timber weatherboard gables to Colorbond weatherboard cladding means no more climbing on the roof to undertake painting in this awkward spot.

The back of the house has had a gorgeous makeover too. The existing pergola roof has been replaced with Suntuf Polycarbonate in Solar Grey. This product has a nice tint to it that won’t block the light but will filter the heat. Perfect for summer days.

The roof is a complex one as can be seen from the images. To clarify, a roof is deemed complex when it has lots of valleys and virtually no straight runs of roof sheets. In dollar terms, complex translates as time consuming and therefore, labour intensive.

Still, it can’t be denied, the house looks fantastic.

Give us call if you’re thinking about a tile to metal reroof for your home. We’re happy to talk you through the pros and cons and help with your decision making.