Commercial Roof Box Gutter Repairs

Repairing Commercial Roof Box Gutters

Accessing box gutters on a commercial roof can be so difficult sometimes. Particularly as over time, more and more equipment is loaded onto the roof: ducts, air-conditioning units, vents, flues, access walkway platforms, anchor points. These are just a few of the things we sometimes have to work around.

This roof in South Yarra is a classic example. It probably started life pretty simply. But over time it has become quite cluttered making access difficult. Oh and did I mention we have to get on to the roof via a small office window?

It is the skill of our team that enabled Roofrite to work on this box gutter replacement safely at heights and install such a great replacement that the client’s ongoing leaking problems have now been completely resolved.

Commercial box gutter repairs can be quoted by our expert estimator/director Kim. We usually have more than one option for repairs in our roofing toolbag.

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