Tile to Metal Colorbond Roofing and Corrugated Cladding Project – Hawthorn East

Colorbond Roofing and Corrugated Cladding Project – Hawthorn East

How do you completely transform the house you have into something you’d really really like? Easy! By changing it from a tiled roof to one with Colorbond Roofing and also changing the weatherboards to corrugated Colorbond cladding.

Initial Brief - Colorbond Roofing

Discussions started with our lovely Hawthorn East client back in May. The client wasn’t sure if he wanted to spend much money on the house as he felt it may just get pulled down if he were to sell it.
So the initial brief was to quote on replacing the tiled roof with Colorbond Roofing and then optionally price to replace all the weatherboards on the upper storey with Corrugated Colorbond Cladding. The roof replacement was to include changing from Squareline guttering to Quad guttering.

A further option was to be included for Colorbond fascia cover including to the gables on the upper and lower storeys.

Eventually the client opted to go with the whole lot and added in beefing up the insulation while walls and ceilings were being replaced as this is the cheapest time to do that too. The roof replacement included changing from Squareline guttering to Quad guttering.

To complete this project safely, we required lots of scaffold and of course skip bins were needed to remove the tiles from site.

This house has had an incredible transformation.

It now looks fresh and modern. Interestingly by using the same material for the roof and the walls the upstairs extension now looks to be a seamless part of the house. As a result, the kerb appeal has increased immeasurably.

This project falls in the $80K range but looks like money well spent as it is now watertight and will not have the ongoing issues you get as tiles age: leaking as they get brittle or break in a hail storm.

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