Ampelite’s Polycarbonate Range Explained

Ampelite's-Polycarbonate-Range---Solafrost-Installed-Heidelberg (image)

Ampelite's Polycarbonate Range - great for outdoor roofing

Ampelite's polycarbonate range is one of many great options (laserlite, multiwall) for covering an outdoor area. Here's why.

Ampelite's Polycarbonate Range - cuts 99.9% of UV rays

Ampelite polycarbonate range cuts 99.9% of harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin damage. Note however that Polycarbonate sheeting has UV protection on one side only so care must be taken by the installer to lay the sheets the correct way.

Ampelite Polycarbonate Range - three levels to choose from

Ampelite’s polycarbonate range comes in three levels to suit varying situations and budgets.

Ampelite's Polycarbonate Range - Solasafe (Level 1)

Solasafe at Level One is the most commonly used product in the Ampelite polycarbonate range. It comes in six colours across three profiles: Corrugated, Greca and Trimclad (sometimes also called five rib). The broad range of profiles allows you to match the polycarbonate roofing to your existing roofing should your outdoor area be an extension of your roofline. The clear, untinted sheet in this range, allows 90% of the available light to flood your space making it “your window to the sky”. The level of heat and light transmission changes with the colour you choose so ask us for guidance on this. 

Ampelite's Polycarbonate Range - SolaFrost (Level 2)

The SolaFrost range offers lower transmitted heat levels, softer light and more comfort. The tradeoff here though is a smaller color range (only two).  And, SolaFrost only comes in a Corrugated profile. It will significantly reduce the amount of direct sunlight and glare compared to standard polycarbonate sheeting. This  means you will have a much greater level of comfort in your outdoor area. The increased comfort level is due to the translucent (diffused) finish on the SolaFrost sheets. An added benefit at this level is that the matt texture helps to eliminate expansion noise unlike standard polycarbonate sheeting.

Ampelite's Polycarbonate Range - Solasafe HR1 (Level 3)

Level Three, Solasafe HR1 has a metallic finish. It is a heat reducing sheeting range best suited to hot climates. The metallic particles in the finish reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat. At the same time it allows a soft diffused light to pass through. The Solasafe range has two profile options Corrugated and Greca and only two colour choices.

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