Velux Skylights – Vaulted shafts create an architectural feature

Velux Skylights Vaulted Shafts Installed | Rosanna | Melbourne | Roofrite

Velux Skylights are becoming ever more popular as programs like Reno Rumble and The Block bring them to the attention of architects and renovators as well as homeowners simply wanting to bring natural daylight into their existing home.

Roofrite is a one-stop shop for shafts and Velux Skylights

Roofrite have installed hundreds of Velux Skylights making us the go-to company in Melbourne for sales and installations.  We can also build the supporting shafts and line them with plasterboard.

A highly architectural design feature

Velux Skylights are a stand-out feature whether used singly, used in pairs or used in groups. The configurations are limited only by what’s in the roof cavity. If you plan ahead when designing an extension, Velux Skylights can be readily incorporated as a drop dead gorgeous, highly architectural design feature.

Roofrite recently completed a Velux Skylight project in Rosanna in which the client was worried that the kitchen would not have enough natural light: it was tucked into the corner of the family room.

Shafts designed and installed

The design limitations were such that an attic room sat above the kitchen preventing the installation of skylights directly over the kitchen. A little bit of thought saw our estimator recommend a bank of four Velux Skylights be installed across the family room but angled back toward the kitchen. The result is a light filled room no matter what the weather.

Our knowledgeable estimator came up with the design for the shafts and the Velux Skylight configuration.

Two vaults had to be constructed rather than one huge one because steel beams were already in place when the owners decided to contact Roofrite for advice.

Our estimator recommended that the shafts be configured as vaulted ceiling shafts to maximise wow factor and light flow.

This particular project included 2x electric opening Velux Skylights at each end and 2x fixed Velux Skylights across the middle. The Velux electric opening skylights come complete with insect screens and a remote control. A rain sensor will see them close automatically if you’ve accidentally left them open. Blinds were not incorporated into this installation as the Velux Skylights face South-East which means they only get direct sunlight first thing in the morning. In addition, all Velux skylights come double glazed as standard so the models used in this project offer approximately 80% heat block.

Roofrite’s roofing team installed the Velux Skylights into the metal roof and Roofrite’s carpenter worked from the inside to build the shafts and line them with plasterboard.


The pricing for a project such as this falls between $10,000 and $14,000 depending on whether electric, manual or fixed Velux Skylights are installed. It is a small price to outlay for the highly architectural finish that the Velux Skylights bring to this room. The client’s fears have also been eliminated: there will never be a dark moment in this kitchen during the daytime, summer or winter…

Installation Workmanship Guaranteed

Roofrite are licensed roof plumbers. This makes us unique in our ability to provide our clients with a VBA Plumbing Industry Commission Compliance Certificate – an industry backed workmanship warranty guaranteeing our skylights have been installed into metal roofs in accordance with Plumbing Industry standards. In other words, they won’t leak. We’re also able to supply and install customised roof flashings so that the skylight blends seamlessly into your Colorbond roof.

Quotes for Supply and Installation

Call us today for a quote for the supply and installation of single or multiple Velux Skylights. We’re a one-stop shop for Velux Skylights from design through to finished installation. Call 94998059.