Colorbond Corrugated Iron Wall Cladding

Corrugated wall cladding and flashings installed - Tennis Pavillion (image)

Project: Installation of Colorbond Corrugated Iron Wall Cladding - Tennis Pavilion Revamp
Location: Nepean Country Club, Boneo

Colorbond Corrugated Wall Cladding makes for a great visual finish. This is evidenced to great effect at the Nepean Country Club’s tennis pavilion.

The project was undertaken in two stages: stage 1 external walls, stage 2 internal walls and roof.

External Wall Cladding

During Stage 1, the external weatherboards of the pavilion were removed and replaced with Colorbond Corrugated Iron in Wallaby. The cladding was laid horizontally across the gables. We thought the colour choice, Wallaby, blended beautifully with the landscaped environment.

The worst part of this stage of the project for our team was removing the gazillion nails left behind on removal of the weatherboards. They needed to be removed so that we could hang the corrugated iron sheets on the existing frame.

A couple of thousand nails later... (image)

Internal Wall Cladding & Roof Cladding

Stage 2 saw us returning during the Country Club’s 2017 quiet season. This time it was to clad the inside of the tennis pavilion – an ideal winter project for us. Framing timbers were required to ensure a good finish to the panels.
The internal colour chosen for the pavilion’s Colorbond corrugated iron was Surfmist. You’d have to agree, it complements the light and airy feel of the pavilion and contrasts wonderfully with the green of the tennis courts.

Stage 2 of the project required extensive use of scissor lifts to access the roof and walls of the building. And, due to the distance from our work base, our pricing included meal allowances and accommodation for our staff too.

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