Colorbond Wall Cladding Installation Transforms an Extension


Colorbond is used for so many different purposes these days but one of the most transformative uses of all is wall cladding. Certainly Colorbond wall cladding adds another dimension to the character and functionality of a building.

Colorbond Corrugated Wall Cladding is a perennial favourite

While there is an ever expanding range of Colorbond looks and profiles being developed for wall cladding – Standing Seam, Alcubond, and Timba to name a few – one of the more traditional profiles that remains perennially popular and looks great in most settings is corrugated iron wall cladding.

Roofrite recently had the opportunity to replace the weatherboarded upper storey of a Doncaster East home with Colorbond corrugated iron wall cladding. The result is an upper storey that is now maintenance free and looks fantastic wherever it is viewed from.

Our client came to us after two years of research and numerous false starts. It seemed that many of the tradespeople that were called to quote on the project were unable to turn our client’s vision into reality.

Roofrite is a Colorbond Wall Cladding One-Stop-Shop

What sets us apart is that Roofrite is able to provide a one-stop-shop for Colorbond wall cladding projects such as this.

What appeared daunting and almost not do-able to our client and others was another fairly routine project for Roofrite. We are able to draw on the extensive experience of our skilled roof plumbing team as well as having a good understanding of and access to all the appropriate safe access equipment to make the installation possible in a timely and safe manner.

Colorbond Wall Cladding Installation Quoted by Roofrite

Roofrite quoted to replace the weatherboards with Colorbond corrugated wall cladding laid over sizalation foil and insulation. We also quoted to replace the roof with a Colorbond roof again with sizalation and insulation, replace the existing guttering with steel fascia cover and new Squareline guttering, a new downpipe and to finish off the structure by installing Colorbond cappings and flashings.

Colorbond Wall Cladding Pricing

The price also included hire of scaffold and we estimated the project would take a couple of weeks to complete. The final item on the list was the provision of a VBA Plumbing Industry Compliance Certificate so the client would have a six year workmanship warranty giving her peace of mind against any potential defects.

While this project is a little more unusual being an upper storey and therefore more demanding on time and equipment requirements, it would typically fall in the vicinity of $16,000 to $20,000.

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Colorbond Wall Cladding Project Update – November 2016

Our client loved the cladding on the extension so much, we have since returned and replaced the lower storey weatherboards with Colorbond corrugated wall cladding too.  With a change of doors and windows by the builder, it’s a stylish transformation.

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Upon having a really good inspection of the job over the long weekend, we are so thrilled with the updated look and the level of workmanship that Rueben, Joel and Brenton have put in.
In fact the whole process:  from my initial enquiry call, to the quote with Charlie, organising/planning the job, removal of the old walling, the expert installation of the new walling and Joel positioning the driveway scaffolding to ensure that my 79 yr old father was able to utilize it to complete window frame painting – has all been absolutely amazing!
Everything has been dealt with so seamlessly, cooperatively and professionally by the whole team.
We would not hesitate to recommend Roofrite as we are totally satisfied with the finished result and transformation of our upper level – it looks great!

CG – Doncaster East (June 2015)